We offer a variety of services to our clients outside of our website marketing packages, You do not have to purchase a website marketing package for us to work with you. We do our best to keep our prices affordable and be fixable with everyone that contacts us in regrades to our services.

Hourly Services Rates

Design Time Hourly Rates: $75.00 / hour

Website Updates Hourly Rates: $55.00 / hour

* A minimum charge of 7 hours ($525.00 or $385.00, depending upon type of work performed), requires service contract per maintenance request.

Need some graphics designed or maybe you need your website content updated for the new season, Contact Us today and we can help you!

Note: We can not adjust our hourly service rates, Sorry! You must purchase them in blocks of 7 hours.


Website Marketing Packages

Starting at only $1300

Website Marketing Packages by DarkNET Designs offers everything that your haunted house well need to market your attraction.

All of our packages will work for Haunted Houses, Haunted Attractions, Events, Rock Bands, Movies or even TV shows.

Our Web Site Marketing Packages meet the budget that even the start-up haunted attraction can afford.

We offer the latest technology such as responsive web design and provide professional results within our clients deadline!

Our packages include web design, graphic design, promotional design, search engine optimization, facebook banner designs, twitter background designs and more!

Click here for more details on our Web Site Marketing Packages


Graphic Design

Our graphic design services include everything listed below. Don't see the service you need? Just Contact Us and we will see if we can help you.

Movie Poster Design - Postcards - Brochures - Logo Design - Ticket Design - Event / Attraction posters - Promotional Flyers - Business Cards - Illustrations - DVD/Blu-Ray Packaging - Billboards - Coupons - Web and Magazine Advertisements - Product Packaging design


Search Engine Optimization

We setup a Google Analytics for your site in order to give you the best and most accurate information regarding the visitors to your site. With Google Analytics you’ll be able to determine where your traffic is coming from, whether advertising on a portal or website is benefiting your event, or if the meta tags are doing their job.

We’ll assist you with understanding your analytics and provide strategies based on our experiences to best use the information for future marketing. With the cost of online advertising it’s important to have accurate data to base your marketing decisions on.

The core of any website should be its ability to reach as many “targeted” visitors as possible and increase the sales coming to your event or attraction.

Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help you keep track of your website.


Web Hosting & Domain Names

We are sorry to announce that we do not offer web hosting or domain names anymore. We offered this as a service form 2008 till now but as the internet changes they are just so many great options for web hosting and domain names. We can not provide the 24/7 support that is needed for web hosting, It takes a lot of time to make sure a server is in good health and that your websites are operating at the most crucial times for your attraction or company.

Of course we are just not going to leave you hanging out to dry though, Here are the 2 top choices we highly recommend for web hosting and domain names